Dialogue Across the Divide

Bring Your Friends & Enemies

Would you like to see genuine dialogue among people from across the political spectrum? Do you know in your heart that we must find a way to move past political position taking and talking points to address the challenges we face in a healthy and sustainable way?

We have been facilitating such dialogues online with Zoom videoconferencing and in public spaces at rallies and protest events with our Empathy Tent. We do this to break down stereotypes and create a space for more understanding among people across the political spectrum. We have been successful at this because we use a structured listening process called an Empathy Circle that allows everyone to speak and be heard to their satisfaction. The circles can be intense. As long as you are willing to listen you may express yourself freely. Genuine understanding and connection can be the result.

We invite you to engage in real dialogue. We think you will find it deeply engaging. Are you interested in creating more real and honest dialogue in politics? Are you willing to take a step forward in doing that? If so, please sign up to join us and other brave souls in doing just that.

You would be providing important leadership on a path that is critical to the health of our country.