What We Do

What We Do


We bring the Empathy Tent out into public spaces, rallies and demonstrations to show how it’s possible to engage in constructive dialogue among people who have different views; to help people to breakdown stereotypes and see each other as people, not as ideological representatives; to promote problem-solving that uses a "Power With” model rather than "Power Over” model.

Online Dialogue

We host online Empathy Circles. Some of the our circles are with people who are influencing the public conversation.

We hosted a dialogue before an August 2017 rally in San Francisco between opposing organizers.

We held several Empathy circles with James Damore.

This dialogue is between James Damore and female tech person Indy Young.

Engagement with the Political Process

The Empathy Tent and Bridge USA Berkeley sponsored a Radical Empathy Forum to model a dialogue where listening is valued rather than a more typical competitive style debate.

California Assembly District 15 candidates discuss empathy in politics


The Empathy Tent team engages in teaching the Empathy Circle practice to a wide variety of groups both face-to-face and online. This strengthens individual listening skills, spreads the use of structured dialogue practice, and helps to build a culture of empathy.

Participating in a student led class on Empathy

A relaxed moment at During Free Speech Week